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How To Qualify For Cheap Bail Bonds in Compton

Need Cheap Bail Bonds in the city of Compton? The Bail Network Bail Bonds has  you covered! The $1 deposit bond financing available only in the State of California is based on approved loans, employment, and payment of the balance. To qualify for the $1 deposit, there are certain qualification restrictions.

The defendant must be resident in California. It requires two co-signatories, a proof of employment, a current proof of wage or residence, a utility bill, a vehicle registration and valid California IDs. The co-signatories must have a gross annual income that exceeds the entire deposit amount.

Cheapest Bail Bonds in The City of Compton, CA

An additional payment of 2% of the total deposit is due every 10 days. The balance of payments becomes due when it is divided by 12 months or less. A new arrest warrant must last at least 48 hours. A first offender must have a new case.