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We have been active in the California bail bond industry since 1959 – for over 51 years. In this time we have come to understand the needs of the public for competent, discreet and  professional bail bondsmen.

Over the last 51 years we have explored the needs of the public, inmates, the court system and custody personnel in order to provide superior service to everyone involved in the process of bail. In other words, we are easy to work with.
We pioneered the concept of a large comfortable office adjacent to the jail for clients to conduct business. Then around 2006, as we analyzed our business, we realized clients were requesting a meeting in their home or at the jail to conduct business. As these home meetings became a larger part of our business, the need for an office disappeared. Now, people prefer to do business by FAX or e-mail for the paperwork we need to do, so our business has adapted as our client needs have.

We have brought our unique service to the internet to provide a collection of information, all designed to serve the public. Attorneys, Judges, court personnel, detectives, jail and custody personnel,  as well as people just like you utilize our sites for easy access to the materials they need.

Sometimes changing clothes can be stressful, especially if you’ve had a drink or two and are worried about a DUI. If you want to protect yourself, read on to find out what to expect if you’re pulled over for a suspicious DUI. If an officer thinks you drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he or she may ask you to do a few sobriety tests to see if you are impaired.

One of the most famous field sobriety tests is the walk and turn test. In this test, the officer lets you walk in a straight line from heel to foot. At the end of the walk, turn around and walk backwards.

The officer will watch for signs of impairment, including stopping to walk and holding on to his arms to support himself. Test with one leg standing (this will help the officer to test your balance). In addition to the on-site sobriety test, the officer may request you take a breath alcohol test or a type of blood alcohol test (BAC). If you fail one of these tests or refuse to take it against your rights, you will be arrested.

If you agree to a breath alcohol test, blow into the device that measures the amount of alcohol in your system. If you refuse to take the test, the officer will arrest you. It is worth noting that drivers who have been involved in a traffic accident or suffered injury or death after a traffic accident must take a BAC test if their officer finds probable cause to believe they have been impaired, even if they refuse it, because Florida law allows law enforcement to get the BAC from them. As soon as you are arrested, you go through the booking process and start collecting important information about the alleged crime, such as your name and address.

Once you have a mugshot, the officers take your fingerprints. They will also conduct a health check to make sure you do not need medical help, and they will review arrest warrants. You will undergo a complete body search, which is an in elaborate process to make sure you don’t hide weapons or drugs. All clothing or personal belongings you wear will be confiscated and replaced by prison uniforms.

Once the booking is complete, go to a detention cell to await your hearing, where you can deposit a deposit. Most offences involve a set bail, but for minor offences you can be released on your own. In some cases, you don’t have to wait for a bail hearing.

Many people attend bail hearings to find out if they are eligible for bail and how much it will cost. There are many factors that influence whether you are eligible for a deposit and how much your deposit costs. For example, if this is your first crime and you have a long criminal history in the community and the crime is minor, your bail may be lower than for a repeat offenders who commits a serious crime (known as escape risk).

Once bail is granted, the judge can impose conditions such as avoiding alcohol or attending addiction courses. Once you have been released on bail, you must attend your official trial.

If you do not, you will lose the bail money that you have deposited, and the judge will issue an arrest warrant against you, and a bail officer will be instructed to locate you, arrest you, and put you in jail. At your trial, it is up to the states to prove to you that you have been driving under the influence of alcohol, and they will try to do so through the sobriety and BAC tests that you carry out. If found guilty, they face jail and fines.

If you would like to know more about the deposit and how to pay it, please contact us at Bail Network Bail Bonds. If you attend your hearing and meet the conditions of your bail obligations, your bondholder will be satisfied. Most people, however, do not have to wait in prison until they hear again.

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Company FAQ

To locate an being housed at at a Los Angeles County Jail or Detention Center, you will need to provide the following information:

Your Name
Defendant’s First Name
Defendant’s Last Name
Date of Birth

If you or someone you know has a warrant out for their arrest, it is urgent that you act immediately to avoid an arrest with your local law enforcement agency. We can provide you with misdemeanor warrant information by providing your First name, Defendant’s First Name, Defendant’s Last Name, SPN or Date of Birth.

The Inmate Search Central specializes in providing inmate information for every county jail within Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas. Our law firm representatives can get you the information that you need within minutes. All we need is the defendants full name or last name and date of birth.

Biscailuz Center  (Closed)
1060 N Eastern Ave, Monterey Park 90063

Century Regional Detention Facility (female inmates)
11705 S Alameda St, Lynwood 90262
(323) 568-4500*

Inmate Reception Center (temporary holding only)
450 Bauchet St, Los Angeles 90012
(213) 893-5303

Men’s Central Jail
441 Bauchet St, Los Angeles 90012
(213) 974-4082

Mira Loma Detention Center (Closed) (projected to be remodeld and reopened as a women’s detention center)
45100 60th West, Lancaster 93536

North County Correctional Facility
29340 The Old Road, Castaic 91350
(661) 295-7804

Pitchess Detention Center East Facility – Closed (however serves as a fire camp for inmate firefighters)
29310 The Old Rd, Castaic 91384

Pitchess Detention Center North Facility
29320 The Old Road, Castaic 91384
(661) 295-8059

Pitchess Detention Center South Facility
29330 The Old Road, Castaic 91384
(661) 295-8011

Sybil Brand Institute for Women (Closed)
4500 E City Terrace Dr, Monterey Park 90063

Twin Towers Correctional Facility
450 Bauchet St, Los Angeles 90012
(213) 893-5100*

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