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As a member of the Better Business Bureau, our office strives to provide each customer with a personal, fast and professional experience when going through the bail bond process. As a Sacramento bail bondsman, we serve many locations throughout California, including but not limited to Sacramento, Auburn, Butte County, Yolo County, Placerville, Woodland and Stockton. As every case is unique, a tailored plan of action is incorporated into each bond; house calls and out-of-office meetings are always available options. Flexible payment plans offer each client a low-stress strategy and many payment options are accepted, including pay-by-phone and pay-by-fax. We know finding the right company to fit your needs is of the utmost importance, so allow us to offer you peace of mind when confronting a difficult situation. Quality service and step-by-step assistance by our knowledgeable staff makes your bond process smooth and simple. Let one of our bail bondsman in Sacramento take care of the paperwork as we explain the process and answer any questions or concerns. Feel free to contact our office today at: 916-444-0200.

Not all mechanics will offer you the same experience, and the same applies to bond holders. To the uninitiated, the bail-out firms may all seem the same. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bail-bond companies all offer the same services, and that is why it is right. At Bail Network Bail Bonds, we are very proud to offer each and every one of our customers an experience that is unparalleled in any other industry.

If you have seen our contributions in the past, you know how important it is for us to help our customers in their time of need. We believe that someone you can rely on when going through a stressful situation can make all the difference in the world, and it is always better to have someone around to advise you. This is exactly what we offer our customers, and in today’s post we are happy to share what others have to say about us. If you are looking for a deposit and want to be sure you are working with the best in the industry, read on to learn more about our team. Experience is important in this area, and the good news is that we have been doing this for a long time.

This enables us to offer advice in any situation. When it comes down to it, it makes sense to trust someone who knows the ropes and can offer an experienced view of things. In other words, if you don’t know what the road ahead looks like, a USD will be happy to give you direction and make sure you are cared for on the way.

Sometimes it is best to leave it to people who have experience working with us. These are the ones who are best qualified to talk things through and go through the process. Here are a few recent Google reviews that we’d like to share with you.

They love their community and are proud supporters of local businesses. Amazing shops and amazing people. So grateful to have people like Mike and Kelli.

They know what it means to do business properly. They treat people as if they were not customers and not customers at all.

For this reason, you need to connect with someone who can do all this and does it well. ‘You need someone who’s been in the Bond game.

After putting our team to the test, we believe that you will find that we are the most helpful crew in the business. If you need Deposit Bonds or would like to work with a good bondholder, contact us today to get started. We are always looking for help. Thank you for all the kind words. It’s something we do for ourselves, and feedback like this means the world to us.

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Company FAQ

To locate an being housed at at a Los Angeles County Jail or Detention Center, you will need to provide the following information:

Your Name
Defendant’s First Name
Defendant’s Last Name
Date of Birth

If you or someone you know has a warrant out for their arrest, it is urgent that you act immediately to avoid an arrest with your local law enforcement agency. We can provide you with misdemeanor warrant information by providing your First name, Defendant’s First Name, Defendant’s Last Name, SPN or Date of Birth.

The Inmate Search Central specializes in providing inmate information for every county jail within Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas. Our law firm representatives can get you the information that you need within minutes. All we need is the defendants full name or last name and date of birth.

Biscailuz Center  (Closed)
1060 N Eastern Ave, Monterey Park 90063

Century Regional Detention Facility (female inmates)
11705 S Alameda St, Lynwood 90262
(323) 568-4500*

Inmate Reception Center (temporary holding only)
450 Bauchet St, Los Angeles 90012
(213) 893-5303

Men’s Central Jail
441 Bauchet St, Los Angeles 90012
(213) 974-4082

Mira Loma Detention Center (Closed) (projected to be remodeld and reopened as a women’s detention center)
45100 60th West, Lancaster 93536

North County Correctional Facility
29340 The Old Road, Castaic 91350
(661) 295-7804

Pitchess Detention Center East Facility – Closed (however serves as a fire camp for inmate firefighters)
29310 The Old Rd, Castaic 91384

Pitchess Detention Center North Facility
29320 The Old Road, Castaic 91384
(661) 295-8059

Pitchess Detention Center South Facility
29330 The Old Road, Castaic 91384
(661) 295-8011

Sybil Brand Institute for Women (Closed)
4500 E City Terrace Dr, Monterey Park 90063

Twin Towers Correctional Facility
450 Bauchet St, Los Angeles 90012
(213) 893-5100*

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